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Try Restore Yourself

Relax a stressed body & mind in the next 30-days

Restore Yourself is a gentle series of Meditative Movement activities designed for beginners and those with stress & tension build up — to gradually stabilise the body, the mind and restore the nervous system to vitality.

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For: All ages with stress & tension build up

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Goal: Restore Stability & Cultivate Relaxation

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Course Length: 10 Days To Learn

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Delivery: Online Course + Facebook Community

Re-balance OVERstimulation with deep mind-body restoration

👇 Here's why we developed this program 

1Get up, work, responsibilities, stress, emotions, family, friends, challenges, they're all a part of life. Life pressures can pile up ... causing your body to feel like it's between a rock and a hard place, which can make it vulnerable to dis-ease, aches & pains.

2When you know how to re-balance stimulation (stress) with restoration (recovery), you get an opportunity to gradually reduce mind-body congestion build up. Restore Yourself guides you back to centre, so you can thrive in life (not just survive).

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"Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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