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Are you suffering from mind-body disconnection? 

A sign of mind-body disconnection is when your body is giving you signals, but your mind doesn't know how to accurately interpret them.

If things feel not quite right, blocked, or painful in your body and no matter what you do, they still seem to hang around — you'll benefit from improving your mind-body connection.

Upgrade your perception & mind-body connection

Improving your mind-body connection is all about upgrading your perception of the many signals your body gives you.

To do this we need to clear emotional distortions and experience the five physical senses of the body, without reacting to them impulsively.

This allows you to gather new information and deeper insights on what the body is signaling to you, so you can make more physically supportive choices. 

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Physical Freedom Challenge course content

In just 14-days: We'll help you build a stronger mind-body connection, and give you a holistic process to grow your physical freedom — here's how.

Every two days you'll get a new challenge to build your connection with your body. All you need to do is commit about 15-20 mins a day.

In just 14-days you will have radically upgraded your perception of your body, and your knowledge of what it truly needs to experience lasting freedom. 

A powerful mind-body change agent engineered from the ground up

To grow your physical freedom and change your life, exercises are not enough — you need a proven process and a supportive environment.

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Proven Process

It can be confusing to start / grow your physical freedom, so we provide a clear process. Like completing a puzzle you identify the pieces you need to free yourself from mind-body blockages.

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Supportive Environment

Our ability to grow is heavily influenced by our environment. With our online Physical Freedom Explorers community — we provide an environment that nurtures continual growth.

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Mind-Body Focus

Exercise without awareness can lead to restriction & injury. We bring meditation + movement together — this nurtures physical & psychological growth and freedom.

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New Paradigm

The common way of exercising (pain = gain) often leads to burnout & short-term results. We engineered a new way to work with the body that catalyses long-term change.

Real-world tested and proven results

Does Physical Freedom Challenge work? The only way to find out is by seeing what our students have achieved. Here's some results to date (and we're just getting started).

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Mark Cottle | Accountant

"Did another gym session with zero pain today which is huge given I've spent 12 months with severe tendonitis. Was able to do incline bench press - no pain at all. "

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Tiernan Quinn | Entrepreneur

"This is bringing so much awareness to me and my body! Your work and way you go about it is second to none! I have found mixing this practice and hot yoga classes profound and giving me amazing results."

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Jade De Valle | Personal Trainer

"In my practice this morning I could almost feel my tissues repairing and my body softening as I stood. What would I do without my Movement Monk practice 🙏" 

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A platform that takes the guesswork out of growing your physical freedom

Learn anytime, anywhere, with multiple training formats. The Physical Freedom Challenge is an interactive experience delivered online with a supportive community — everything you need to get unstuck & grow your physical freedom.

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Easy to use online-learning platform

There's so much information on exercise & movement on the internet, it can get confusing.

Get clear step-by-step guidance with our online course platform. Watch training videos, download worksheets, or read written activities.

Access the training online from any device, anywhere, anytime you like.

Personalised 24/7 support

As our bodies are constantly changing and giving us different signals, it can be confusing. And confusion can keep your body stuck.

In our Physical Freedom Explorers Facebook community, you can reach out and get expert feedback & support ... anytime.

Working together on your physical freedom works better than doing it alone.

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Together we rise

Grow more than you could by yourself with the support of a global community of synergistic people with different backgrounds, ages, professions — yet we're all on a similar wavelength.

Mind-body transformation and personal growth is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get where you're coming from.

Get inspired, ask questions, connect, make friends, rise together and have fun!

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to get started confidently on the profound journey of growing your physical freedom. In just 14 days you'll see your body in a totally new light.

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  • Online Course: Practical activities designed to build your physical freedom.
  • Environment: Community support in our Physical Freedom Explorers Facebook group.
  • Expert Mentorship: Personalised feedback & answers to your questions.
  • Physical Freedom Growth Quiz: Get laser targeted insights into your unique opportunities for growth and enhancing your physical freedom.
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If you feel stuck in the same experience with your body, this course is a guaranteed way to create change. Don't just hope your body will feel better someday — take command and create a body you love to live in.

Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they are self empowered with tools to keep growing their physical freedom — for life. The Physical Freedom Challenge features practices from all our courses. Here's an overview of some of our students experiences.


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