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Physical Freedom is a Process — Not a Destination

You don't have to look far to find offers trying to solve all your mind-body problems — Get fit, strong, flexible, pain free, trauma released, lose the belly, enlightenment ... all with a quick fix. But how often does this deliver lasting and meaningful outcomes?

To experience the potential of your body and mind is a long-term journey. And to succeed you've got to fall in love with the process of working with your body. That's what our method focuses on.

Learn The Physical Freedom Method

Get the power of ten mind-body practices distilled into one 

Your mind & body are intimately entwined. Without honoring this in your physical training, limitation (not freedom) can develop. Get a holistic mind-body practice with Movement Monk.

We spent years practicing, researching, trial & error to distil the essence of a wide range of practices renowned for their physical, mental and wellbeing benefits.

Think Yoga, Qigong, Bodyweight training, meditation and a wide range of somatic therapies seamlessly blended into a practice that's not bound by any of these labels.

We've refined the essential principles that make these practices work, so you can apply them your own way to suit your unique needs.

The Movement Monk methodology is focused on giving you access to potent mind-body training, with an education system that adapts to your unique needs. We've made the process of building a body that moves with freedom and attaining profound levels of psychological growth — simple.

You're not a robot. So why learn like one?

Most online courses and methods of education (school) treat you and your learning as a mechanical, linear process, which creates robots. We've developed a different way that's focused on your human-ness first and treats your mind-body education as a non-linear, symbiotic process (like nature).

Robotic education (old)

Most online fitness courses use a linear education system that resembles an assembly line. They focus on answers, right & wrong and don't leave room for creative thinking. The student consumes unpersonalized information and is then expected to use it for their unique needs.

Adaptive education (new)

Movement Monk uses a non-linear education approach that reflects the symbiotic processes that nature thrives on. We provide an environment, building blocks, perception upgrades, feedback & real life application, so you can continue to grow, refine and achieve your unique goals.

How our method works

Mainstream exercise systems are often based on 'right' or 'wrong' ways to do things. This cookie-cutter approach doesn't leave room for individual uniqueness. We provide students with mind-body training, a supportive environment and learning building blocks — from this, mind-body transformation naturally unfolds.


Our ability to grow is heavily influenced by our environment. With our online community, accountability, live Q&A calls and expert mentorship — we provide an environment that nurtures continual growth.

Building blocks

You are unique & creative. Instead of destroying your soul by pushing you into an exercise mold — we provide mind-body principles that are like building blocks. Learn & arrange them for your unique needs.

Perception upgrades

The #1 thing that affects physical transformation is — the mind. To learn, grow and unlock hidden potential, we expand the mind through enhanced awareness & removing veils of delusion.

Meditative Movement

Exercise without awareness can lead to restriction & injury. We bring meditation + movement together in a seamless practice — this leads to both physical and psychological growth, which builds progressive levels of freedom.

Balanced focus

Strong muscles don’t always lead to strong organs. We focus on practices that improve internal health and external physical capacity. When everything is functioning well on the inside, the vitality overflows outwardly.

Adaptive applications

Most fitness approaches focus on specialised exercises. This can lead to needing many exercises, which can dominate your life. We focus on general  movement principles that can be applied to improve any physical activity. 

The proof is in the results

Does our method of mind-body education work? The only way to find out is by seeing what our students have achieved. Here's some results to date (and we're just getting started).


A holistic method to physical training

Most courses focus on isolated areas of fitness (fat loss, muscle building, sports performance, etc) — this creates disempowered students who don't understand their body & mind as a whole, so they keep getting stuck.

To experience a body that you love to wake up in every day you need a more "holistic method" — five interconnected layers of consciousness built on top of each other.

1. Expand Mind-Body Perception — Grow your mind to free your body.

2. Clear Emotional Blockages — Heal pain & emotional trauma.

3. Cultivate Breath Freedom — Improve health & organ function.

4. Improve Movement Ease — Be free of rigid postural habits.

5. Upgrade Movement Capacity — Be free of fragility & wearing a tight body suit.

Simply choose your area of highest need, and grow your physical freedom — one building block at a time. All five building blocks are explained below …

Foundation 1: Expand Mind-Body Perception

Perception defines reality and affects the way you see everything. It's responsible for the way you treat your body, self image, belief systems, awareness of your actions, movement, thoughts and behaviour.

The more expanded your perception, the clearer you can see things as they are and identify limiting patterns.

Without expanding perception you can get stuck in cycles of mental distortion and emotional reactivity, which can cloud your ability to identify your personal and physical needs.

We start work here by focusing the mind, listening deeply to the body and weeding out delusions — to expand students consciousness of reality for better problem solving ability.

Taking responsibility

Seeing that you have the power to choose the way you experience your body & life situation. You (not anyone else) creates your reality.

Mind-body awareness

We observe the habits of the body-mind to develop self knowledge and discover biases, interests, & limiting behaviour patterns.

Unconscious to conscious

Surface the hidden drivers of unsupportive behaviour and physically restrictive habits, so you can make more supportive choices.

Emotional intelligence

See how emotions, impulses, desires, motivations affect your body. Gently heal past traumas & clear emotional blocks for a more fulfilling future.

Feeling deeper 

Attune your mind to perceive what's happening in your nervous system & bio-electricity flows to support better health and vitality.

Know why & overcome

Decode the language of your body to get clarity on why chronic physical challenges hang around — then know how to get lasting freedom.

Foundation 2: Clear Emotional Blockages

Clearing mind-body blockages is the second building block and it's about getting all fluids, emotions and thoughts flowing freely through the body — rather than being held onto habitually, leading to inner conflict & tension.

Your body is like a big plumbing system — blood vessels, nerves, bones are all tube-like structures designed to allow fluids to flow through them.

When everything is flowing in your body life is great. But sh%t happens in life ... if it gets blocked for long enough problems can arise.

Inner conflict, past traumas, emotional reactivity, aches, pains and tension all block the flow of the body — the good news is you can clear them.

As we expand perception (building block 1) we gain insight into what's blocking our bodies and minds, so you can be self empowered with what steps to take next to be free of them.

Below are some ways we clear mind-body blockages with our courses:

Chronic pain relief

Aches & pains are chronic when they're stuck for an extended period. So why do they hang around & not heal like they used to? We clarify the why to break free of pain. 

Trauma release

Traumatic experiences, unresolved in the mind can get stuck in the body & lead to repeated life challenges. Discover how to make peace with the past for a brighter future.

Flowing emotions

There's no good, or bad emotions — just ones that are stuck, or flowing. Identify where emotions are getting stuck in your body and know how to let them flow freely.

Self-directed healing

How to heal physical, mental & emotional blockages in the comfort of your own home — without expensive, ongoing therapy sessions.

Somatic therapy

Somatic means to work with the living processes of the body. We use Meditative Movement to heal and harmonize the body & mind.

Physical embodiment

Pain & blockages can lead to avoidance of being in the body. Discover how to physically embody more love and less fear based qualities.

Foundation 3: Cultivate Breath Freedom

Breathing is of critical importance to every aspect of your body, mind and life. This is why it's a foundational focus of our method to build physical freedom.

If you had to ... you can go without food for weeks, without water for days — but only minutes without breathing. If we take our breathing for granted it can become restricted and lead to an array of mind-body challenges.

Most breathwork approaches just focus on 'proper' physical breathing mechanics, but neglect the emotional-energetic factors that affect every breath.

This can cause mind-body conflict & over-stress the nervous system, which can defeat the purpose of doing breathwork in the first place.

We guide our students to discover their own unique ways of improving their breathing and don't lock them into 'right, or wrong' ways of doing it.

Here's some breath freeing principles we use at Movement Monk:

Whole body breathing

When the breath can expand through the whole torso it can ripple out through the arms and legs. Use the breath as a tool to create space & relax your whole body.

Energy cultivation

How to take in more life force every breath & increase the flows of energy around your body. Use this energy for creativity, performance and consciousness upgrades.

Diaphragm strengthening

The diaphragm is the main muscle of breathing. It can get restricted by mind-body tension. Strengthening & releasing the diaphragm restores better breathing function.

Gentle breathwork

Breathing is the primary physical process that dictates all body happenings. If breath work is too intense, it can harm more than help. We honor the power of gentle & subtle progress.


Breathing is a gateway between the inner workings of the mind & body. Through refining our breathing we gain access to deeper states of presence and meditation.

Internal health

Use your breath like an internal masseuse to promote organ health, happier hormones, nervous system relaxation and stronger immunity. 

Foundation 4: Improve Movement Ease

Movement ease is about improving the quality of your physical experience and getting more with less effort — every step, every rep, every breath.

Having a lack of movement ease is like driving a car with flat tyres. Sure, it's still possible to get to where you're intending — but what's the quality of the journey like?

What if you had a new set of tyres with plenty of air in them? Every turn in the journey becomes more easeful, smooth and fun.

Most fitness approaches and online courses focus on pushing your body to get fitter, stronger & faster — but they neglect movement quality. This can lead to burnout & injury.

Our courses focus less on punishing your body, more on allowing it to re-balance and relax, so you can continue to move with ease as you age.

Below are some of the processes you'll learn in our courses:

Meditative Movement

Combine the benefits of meditation and movement to restore, re-balance and relax your body — move with awareness and fluidity.

Active relaxation

Relaxation is not just laying on the couch. Bring progressively more relaxation into all movements that you do — feel a spring in every step.

Physical longevity

How your body ages is not set in stone. Ageing can be a graceful process if you establish & cultivate ease in the body — Fluids flow better, joints last longer.

Real world fitness

Improve the ease of basic movements and postures you use daily — standing, squatting, walking, running.  Get more from less effort, at work, for sports, every moment.

Movement principles

One principle beats a thousand techniques. Principles give you knowledge on how things work. Focus on principles for better movement practice results. 

Fascia unbinding

Use restorative movement & self massage to get lasting release of trigger points, knots & scar tissue for a fluid moving fascia system — more  effective than foam rollers.

Foundation 5: Upgrade Movement Capacity

Movement capacity defines the ability to perform a given physical task through the balance of strength, flexibility & stamina. We develop it for your unique needs — whether you're throwing a high kick in martial arts, playing with your kids, doing sports, or climbing the crag.

No matter what you like to do with your body, a certain degree of movement capacity is required. And when you upgrade it, all physical tasks can become much easier. 

To upgrade your movement capacity you need to approach it from a range of different angles.

Most physical training approaches just do specific exercises specialised to the task. This specialised focus can make the students movement two-dimensional and doesn't prepare them for the moments that don't go to plan. And they wonder why they get injured.

In our courses, we show our students a multi-angle movement approach that allows them to physically adapt better to any situation.

Below are some of the ways you can upgrade your movement capacity with our courses:


Animal-like strength

Animals display a balance of strength & fluidity — not just mirror muscles or rigid movement that comes from gym-like strength training. Get strong, but not stiff.

Stretching & flexibility 

You can stretch & stretch — but it can be a struggle to actually increase your range of motion so you can bend & twist freely in any direction. Learn our method to be free of a tight body suit.

Adaptability & resilience

We focus on improving a broad range of general movement qualities that can be applied to improve your performance and resilience in any activity you can think of.

Body weight training

How to build animal-like strength without a gym, or weights. Improve your crawling, climbing & ability to get into low stances. Anywhere becomes your playground.

Overcoming plateaus

How to gracefully navigate through sticking points where it feels like your strength & flexibility progress have halted. Never experience training plateaus again.

Personalised practice

Understand how stretching & strengthening works for your unique body. Focus on the practices you need, when you need them. No cookie cutter routines here.

You can build back your confidence & grow your physical freedom.

All you need is a proven process and a holistic method.






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