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A holistic flexibility development system that predictably enhances range of motion, cultivates self awareness and adapts to any body. Compliment your current training skills and enhance your clients flexibility results.

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Feels totally awesome

"Seriously, I used to weight train a lot, I have been doing yoga for over 6 years to try gain some flexibility, I now find myself totally humbled by this new way of approaching strength & flexibility. I can't thank you enough for putting this out there."

Billy Hannan

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The pain in and around my ankles is much less

"I have tried a lot of different movement systems out over the years. Today is the fourth day of doing the Head to Toe Stability movements. And I'm truly amazed. I've suffered from chronic pain in muscles and joints in all my body for decades. And today I noticed that the pain in and around my ankles is much less and my upper back is much more open and free allowing me to breathe more freely."

Catherina Rotwitt

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The Movement Monk Flexibility Teacher Training is an intensive online education experience.

Over the course of 4 months you’ll learn the theory, practice, and business of teaching the Embodied Flexibility Method.

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🧠💪 Mind & Body Focused

👤 Personalised Coaching

📚❌ Experience Driven Learning

🎯 Business Building Support

🧠💪 Mind & Body Focused
👤 Personalised Coaching
❌📚 Experience Driven Learning
🎯 Business Building Support

After completing all the requirements you’ll be certified as an Embodied Flexibility Teacher...

And get access to our community where we all help each other grow together.

And if you've been working in the health & fitness space for any length of time, this next thing probably sounds familiar...

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Unlike lots of fitness courses, this isn’t a weekend certification mill that takes your money and sends you away with just a piece of paper to hang on your wall.

Because when you’re a Movement Monk Teacher we’re committed to your long-term growth and success.

We want you to succeed ...

And experience the fulfilment that comes with being renowned for transformative client results.

That's why we spend 4-months investing in you personally.

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In-depth Coaching

So much more than just learning a bunch of stretches. Learn everything you need to deliver life-changing flexibility transformations for your students.

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Grow Your Physical Freedom

You'll not only expand your knowledge about holistic flexibility training. You'll also embody what you teach and improve your own physical abilities.

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Coach With Confidence

The goal isn’t just to be able to recite answers for a test. It’s for you to feel totally confident applying everything you’ve learned, with all kinds of clients in different circumstances.

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Grow Your Business

Compliment your new training skills with proven tools and systems to set-up and grow an online business (without all the tech hassles).

But these are just a handful of things we'll share with you when you become an Embodied Flexibility Teacher.

Want to get all the details?

Here they are...



Great coaching is about a lot more than just encouraging a client through a one-size-fits-all flexibility program.

It means embodying the knowledge you teach, so you can know how to meet clients right where they’re at and help them take confident steps towards where they want to be.

Here’s how we help you get there during the Embodied Flexibility Teacher Training:

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Step 1

Complete the 1-month course to learn the Embodied Flexibility Method and develop your own personal practice, so you can teach from a place of felt understanding.

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Step 2

From the foundation you build in EF Pro ... discover how to teach the Flexibility Method to any client with the 3-month flexibility teacher mentorship.

Here's what you'll learn in the 3-month flexibility teacher mentorship:

Your learning and coaching take place online so you can do the teacher training anywhere, around your current schedule.

All you need is some space to practice, a phone that can record and upload video, and to be able to dedicate 5–10 hours total per week to learning the material and your personal practice.

The content of the flexibility teacher training is just the start.

It's who you learn from that really matters.

Our mentors don't just talk the talk ...



You won't find these mentors referring to an outdated textbook teaching you anatomical theory.

They've spent their 10,000 hours transforming their own flexibility and coaching thousands of clients to do the same.

They have an embodied understanding of everything they teach, and have built successful online movement coaching businesses.

So you can be confident that whether it’s in-depth movement details or coaching and business strategy, you’ll get access to their experience and insights throughout your apprenticeship.


Benny Fergusson

After living with scoliosis, chronic pain & brick-like flexibility for years, and getting no lasting relief from mainstream fitness and therapies, Benny embarked on a journey to heal his body and get to know himself better.

Through 20+ years of research and practice of movement & meditation arts, he found a way to restore physical freedom, which also led to profound personal growth.

He now shares his findings in this training.

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Markus Rützler

Markus began his physical freedom journey after numerous physical challenges caused by pushing his body too much over many years.

Using the Embodied Flexibility Methodology he learned how to restore physical & mental balance and build a body that feels at ease...

He loves being able to move his body freely when playing with his son.

Now Markus applies his knowledge & experiences to support you to grow your physical ease & freedom.

Your mentors will be right by your side every step of the way.

And at the end of the training you'll be feeling like, "hey, I've got this."

You'll be confident working with any client.

And have a movement coaching business that runs from anywhere.

And it all starts by applying below...


Since we invest a lot of time and energy into our teachers, we're only looking for people who are going to invest themselves in the process. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a gifted physical specimen to apply.

We’re more interested in great people who want to learn and grow, and who love what Movement Monk has to offer.

There is no cost to apply. Here’s how the application process works:

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Complete The Application Form

Tell us about your goals for the teacher training and what experiences you bring to it. So we can see if you're a good fit.

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Attend An Info Workshop

Once you've sent your application form, you'll be invited to a free 1-hour online workshop about the teacher training.

Get Started

The Embodied Flexibility Teacher Training will teach you flexibility coaching from the inside out. You’ll move more freely as you learn how to take clients through that same process.

And when you graduate you’ll be invited to join our global community of Movement Monk Mentors and have access to exclusive resources to help make sure you succeed.



In as little as 4 months we'll give you everything you need to become a confident, holistic flexibility coach using our proven Embodied Flexibility Method. You'll also get systems, strategies and support to grow your movement coaching business online (without the tech headaches).

To see if we're a match to work together... Send your application and attend a free info workshop.

Become an Embodied Flexibility Teacher: Apply Above