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Getting lasting relief of chronic physical / emotional tension & pain is only a click away.

Why does some pain & tension go away, and others keep hanging around?

Hi, it's Benny Fergusson here ... When I was struggling with daily back pain that developed into chronic scoliosis, I was trying to find how to fix it — but something was missing.

No matter what exercise or therapy I did, the pain & tension wouldn't go away long-term. It just ate away at me in the background — draining the joy from every moment.

Everything changed when I stopped trying to find how to fix my body, and embarked on a journey to discover why pain & tension hangs around.

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When you clarify why chronic pain is happening, knowing how to be free of it is much easier.

After healing my spine, I realised it was less important to know how to fix it, than to know why it is happening ...

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I discovered a way to combine movement & meditation, to gently work WITH my body and decode the deeper meaning of the pain signals it was giving me.

I got to know my body & self better and uncovered why my physical challenges were hanging around.

My practice gave me the awareness & power to choose to reduce, release and break through habits I was holding onto — which gave my body the space it needed to heal and be free of chronic pain.

After refining this Meditative Movement process with hundreds of different cases, I've distilled what I learned into a clear step-by-step process that leads to lasting pain & tension relief.

I know how tough it is to live with constant physical pain & emotional tension, and it breaks my heart to see so many people suffering and not being served by mainstream physical therapy approaches — I'd like to change that.

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That's why I'm sharing the Break Through Your Pain process with you. It's my mission to share the gift of living a life where pain doesn't limit your choices.

I've witnessed amazing changes with this process and I invite you to come on a journey with us — to discover who you are deep inside, and what it feels like to truly love the body you live in.

Break Through Your Pain Course Content

In just 9-steps we'll help you develop a Meditative Movement practice that leads to lasting pain & tension relief, and physical freedom — here's how.


You can go at your own pace to integrate each of these steps based on where you're at. We adapt the practice to the time you have available in your lifestyle, so as not to cause more stress.

As part of your membership we provide ongoing support with live Q&A calls for as long as you need to heal your body.

Here's how it works

To break through your pain, establish physical freedom, and change your life, physical exercises are not enough — you need a proven process and a supportive environment. The Break Through Your Pain program provides a proven process, mind-body practices, community support and expert mentorship.

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Proven Process

We turned the guesswork of getting lasting pain & tension relief into a science. Like completing a puzzle you identify and apply the pieces you need to free yourself from chronic mind-body challenges.

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Mind-Body Focus

Exercise without awareness can lead to restriction & injury. We bring meditation + movement together — this nurtures physical & psychological growth and freedom.

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Self-care Community

It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of self-carers— collaborate, get help, practice together, make friends and have fun.

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Expert Mentorship

Great training isn't complete without personal support for your questions. Get 24/7 access to our Meditative Movement coaches in our community group + weekly live Q&A calls.

Learn more about the Movement Monk methodology

Real-world tested and proven results

Does Break Through Your Pain work? The only way to find out is by seeing whether our students actually succeeded in the real world. Here's some results to date (and we're just getting started).

Amanda - Chronic Pain Relief Results

Amanda Patti | Wellness Coach

"Benny has walked beside me. He has been there steady and calm when needed, authentically honest and straightforward during other times, the comic relief when I needed to laugh and be reminded to not take things so seriously, and a beautiful reflection of self when I could not see past the dirt on my own face. I couldn't be more grateful or more thankful for what I have learned about myself and how I have grown as a human being on this path."

"Did another gym session with zero pain today which is huge given I've spent 12 months with severe tendonitis. Was able to do incline bench press - no pain at all. "

Mark - Chronic Pain Relief Results

Mark Cottle | Accountant

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Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere, with multiple training formats. Break Through Your Pain is an interactive experience delivered online with a supportive community — everything you need to get unstuck & experience physical freedom.

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Easy to use online-learning platform

There's so much information on exercise & movement on the internet, it can get confusing.

Get clear step-by-step guidance with our online course platform. Watch training videos, download worksheets, or read written activities. Access the training online from any device, anywhere, anytime you like.

Personalised 24/7 support

As our bodies are constantly changing and giving us different signals — it can be confusing. And confusion can keep your body stuck.

In our Break Through Your Pain community, you can reach out and get expert feedback & support ... anytime.

Working together on your physical freedom works better than doing it alone.

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Interactive self-care community

Grow more than you could by yourself with the support of a global community of synergistic people with different backgrounds, ages and professions — yet we're all on a similar wavelength.

Mind-body transformation and personal growth is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get where you're coming from. Get inspired, ask questions, connect, make friends, rise together and have fun!

Expert mentorship on demand

Get access to mentors who can troubleshoot your challenges with you and provide direction. Break Through Your Pain includes weekly live Q&A calls and chat, and round the clock support.

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Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to get lasting relief of physical / emotional tension & pain — so you can experience physical freedom.

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Break Through Your Pain
  • Get clarity and laser focus
  • Identify & heal the root cause(s) of chronic pain & tension
  • Mind-body practices with a proven process
  • Community + ongoing expert mentorship
  • Lasting pain / tension relief & deeper self-love
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Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they are self empowered with tools to work more effectively with pain & tension and keep growing their physical freedom — for life.


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