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Slow Movement: How To Use It To Improve Your Yoga Practice #AskMovementMonk

Have you been practicing Vinyasa type Yoga flows, yet your transitions between postures feel clunky?

Do some movements feel stuck when you're trying to progress?

Do you every wonder why masterful Yogi's move so well?

In this #AskMovementMonk episode, you'll get...

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3 Reasons Your Muscles Feel Tight, Even After Yoga

Since the inception of Yoga as a mind+body development practice many moons ago … now fast forward to the present day ... much has changed.

  • Our lifestyles have changed
  • Yoga practices, and the setting in which they’re taught have changed
  • Our bodies have...
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5 Tips To Improve Body Control + Flexibility for Yoga

That moment of inspiration, where you experience something that permeates through all the b/s and minutia, and hits you straight in the heart.

Moments of inspiration can be truly life transforming.

One of these inspirational moments for me was when a great friend of...

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