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 Watch the podcast interview Benny did with Mason on the Superfeast Podcast on How to Become More Flexible

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Mason and Benny discuss:

  • Hyper-mobility.

  • Hypo-mobility.

  • Embodied flexibility.

  • ...

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A Life Beyond Scoliosis: How I Healed Scoliosis and Back Pain Naturally


We get asked a lot of questions here at Movement Monk about how to heal scoliosis naturally ... Is it even possible or is Benny just an exception to the rule?

Today's video is to show you that it is possible, however we can not give you just one clear path to...

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Move Free: Inspired Evolution Podcast Episode with Benny Fergusson

If you're interested in:

  1. How I healed my spinal scoliosis & chronic back pain through strengthening my mind-body connection.
  2. The 5 building block methodology we've used to support thousands of people to overcome mind-body challenges & grow their physical...
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How to Overcome Chronic Back Aches & Pain #AskMovementMonk

Do you experience back pain, and it hangs around like a bad smell in the background as you move through life?

Perhaps you've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, or medication to get relief for chronic back pain?

If you're interested in making...

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This Personal Trainer Transformed Aches & Pains into Flexibility & Movement Ease

Meet Markus - he used to feel his physical performance being held back by stress, low energy, and nagging injuries.

For Markus, training was all about intensity, getting strong and working up a sweat; until stress, low energy, and nagging injuries kept holding back...

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