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From blog videos, to tools to upgrade your movement & consciousness, member interviews and Q&A's, here you'll find resources that help you grow your physical freedom.

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How to Overcome Chronic Back Aches & Pain #AskMovementMonk

Do you experience back pain, and it hangs around like a bad smell in the background as you move through life?

Perhaps you've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, or medication to get relief for chronic back pain?

If you're interested in making...

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Feeling: Is it a magical way to heal your chronic aches & pains?

Are there certain feelings in your body you don't like?

Do you have a tendency to over-react, avoid, block or numb yourself from fully feeling the many sensations and phenomena in your body in each passing moment?

Interested in getting to know yourself and body better, so...

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This Personal Trainer Transformed Aches & Pains into Flexibility & Movement Ease

Meet Markus - he used to feel his physical performance being held back by stress, low energy, and nagging injuries.

For Markus, training was all about intensity, getting strong and working up a sweat; until stress, low energy, and nagging injuries kept holding back...

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Are Common Exercise Cues & Dogmas Limiting Your Physical Freedom?


Have you ever been told to perform an exercise like this:

“Feet parallel, push your hips back, pull your chest tall, stiffen your upper back, tuck your chin in, grit your teeth, drive your hips forward and lift!”


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