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How to Overcome Chronic Back Aches & Pain #AskMovementMonk

Do you experience back pain, and it hangs around like a bad smell in the background as you move through life?

Perhaps you've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, or medication to get relief for chronic back pain?

If you're interested in making...

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Slow Movement: How To Use It To Improve Your Yoga Practice #AskMovementMonk

Have you been practicing Vinyasa type Yoga flows, yet your transitions between postures feel clunky?

Do some movements feel stuck when you're trying to progress?

Do you every wonder why masterful Yogi's move so well?

In this #AskMovementMonk episode, you'll get...

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Why is my squat flexibility stuck? #AskMovementMonk

Does any of this resonate?

I've got hip / knee / ankle tightness or pain? 

I feel limited when I try to squat down?

Common stretching techniques haven't been giving me relief or lasting change in my flexibility?

I'm interested in a different approach to improving my...

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Neutral Spine: Is it the way to move? #AskMovementMonk

Have you been told that maintaining a neutral spine is the right way to move?

But something about this doesn't quite sit right ... 

In this #AskMovementMonk episode, you'll get insights as to:

  1. How rigidly holding on to certain perspectives and mainstream...
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