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Why is my squat flexibility stuck? #AskMovementMonk

ask movement monk Apr 28, 2020

Does any of this resonate?

I've got hip / knee / ankle tightness or pain? 

I feel limited when I try to squat down?

Common stretching techniques haven't been giving me relief or lasting change in my flexibility?

I'm interested in a different approach to improving my lower body flexibility & mobility?

If so, the video below will be right up your alley ...

In this #AskMovementMonk episode, you'll get insights into:

  1. Considerations to get better progress when stretching — for any position, or movement.
  2. Why you need to work with the deeper tissue of your body to improve your lower body mobility (and how to actually do it).
  3. Why body-mind awareness as you stretch your body matters more than the method you use to stretch.

Go watch the video below now.


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