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How a netball player rebuilt her physical confidence after sports injuries & chronic pain

Do you, or have you played sports, been injured a number of times, and now your body is in pain as a result? And the pain has become chronic and just won't seem to go away?

Today's message is to show you that it's possible to break through niggling pain and injuries, and restore balance & physical confidence, so you can move with a sense of ease.

Even if you've tried and failed to get lasting relief with other physical therapies and exercise approaches.


Winning at sports, isn't always a win for your body

Dear sports person, it's Benny Fergusson.

I love sports. My team and I won many volley tournaments — yet in the end my body lost.

All the medals and trophies cost me shoulder, knee, ankle, injuries and chronic back pain.

Sports were a great way for me to test myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

However, over time I realised that sports can really take their toll on your body, negatively affecting the way you move outside of game time.

For so long I put performance in sport as one of my primary life goals, and forgot that how your body feels in the times you're not playing sport — is actually where my focus should have been.

Can you relate?

The general nature of sport is to compete and win, which really ramps up the intensity of the activity. And this intense focus often dominates the deeper needs of your body, which can lead to your body coming out second best, especially after years of playing.

As a result of intense focus on a limited number of movement patterns needed for your chosen sport(s):

  • This can lead to limited physical & mental habits that turn into muscular imbalances,
  • That can then contribute to chronic pain forming in your body.

If you're like me, and your body is worse for wear after years of sports — I'd like you to know that there is hope.

You can undo the damage from years of sport, and here's a story from a Movement Monk student that illustrates that.


Undoing the damage from years of sport

Meet Katelyn Byron — she used suffer from sports injuries & chronic pain, and was beginning to lose hope that she could feel better.


Katelyn's Pain Breakthrough Story

Here's a short video of Katelyn sharing more about her journey.


"Just feeling to share this. I haven’t talked too much of my experience of chronic pain mostly because it was confusing and frustrating but also because talking about it didn’t really seem helpful to me at the time. Plus it sucked. A lot. But I hope this reaches someone who needs to hear it and offers a supportive resource.

After netball nationals in 2017, I pretty much couldn’t walk at all for about a week.


Living in pain

Every day since I’d get out of bed and the moment my feet would touch the ground I would feel waves of pain shoot up my body.

  • My feet, legs and hands were all swollen, I had stress fractures, inflammation, no energy, poor circulation blah blah blah etc. etc.
  • After seeing a specialist all I was told was a bunch of fancy labels for the symptoms I had described (I remember thinking well duh I could have diagnosed myself you’re just telling me what I told you).
  • And the solution? “Let’s put you on antidepressants to calm your system and just see what happens”… see what happens?!

I remember being in disbelief at how little use that knowledge was to me and how little answers I had to take any steps forward.

I wasn’t comfortable on being put on medication — just to wait it out and see what happens.

It didn’t really give me much confidence or belief that I was on a path to feel any better. I had a lot of doubt in the fact that I wasn’t involved in the process— take a pill & wait and see? No thanks.


The start of my pain breakthrough

Anyway, I got in my car after the whole 15 minute appointment after getting pretty much donuts of a solution, scrunched up the script & called Benny. 

For the first time since it happened, I felt like I was actually heard, I felt supported & felt like I had a choice to move forward.

Being supported through something like that is so important as being in constant pain can feel very isolating. Which is why I see this group program being so valuable.

For someone who’s trained consistently for my whole life I was never really taught how to relate to pain and when I did feel pain it would often just be a quick fix so that it was manageable, and just let it fade out in the background.

I literally just thought it was normal and hadn’t even really considered that I could change that. But it is possible.

Learning the skills with Movement Monk has taught me:

  1. How better care for my body outside of the narrow view of “fitness” that I had,
  2. How to respond differently to pain and the many signals in my body,
  3. How to be present and work with what was showing up in each moment,

And how to approach training in a way that supports me beyond just a physical level.


My solution to chronic pain

In following this process I feel way less overwhelmed by pain, more confident in my ability to work through it as it arises and a deeper sense of compassion and appreciation for my body.

I feel better when I move and I have more confidence in choosing what is the most supportive action I can take when I feel challenged.

If you resonate with any of what I have shared, I highly recommend you at least book your free Pain Break Through Strategy Session and have a chat.

Or share this with someone who may benefit.

I’d love to see more people benefit from this process 🙏💛✨"


Would you like results like this for yourself?

I hope this story inspired you today with the knowledge that no matter how stuck you feel in your body from what's happened in the past, you can feel awesome again!

If you're ready to commit to feeling awesome in your body, here's the steps we recommend:

  1. Start strengthening your mind-body connection with the Physical Freedom Challenge.
  2. Then build back your movement confidence with Break Through Your Pain.
  3. You'll get the practices, LIVE sessions, community environment and mentoring you need to get lasting pain relief + grow your physical freedom — just like Katelyn did.



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