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3 Reasons Your Muscles Feel Tight, Even After Yoga

yoga Dec 04, 2016

Since the inception of Yoga as a mind+body development practice many moons ago … now fast forward to the present day ... much has changed.

  • Our lifestyles have changed
  • Yoga practices, and the setting in which they’re taught have changed
  • Our bodies have changed

And Yoga pants changed everything 😉 !!!

These changes (just to name a few), have contributed to the fact that many people’s bodies are feeling worse off after their Yoga practice.

Have you just begun Yoga, or tried it for years, and still your muscles feel tight?

You may be thinking, perhaps Yoga’s just not for my body.

But it may not be Yoga’s fault.


There’s More to Yoga that Creates Ease in Your Body than Poses and Asanas

If Yoga isn’t making your body feel as graceful and free as you’d like, you may be overlooking, or haven’t learned, the deeper details for better movement when you’re doing your asanas.

Without understanding foundational movement principles when you’re practicing Yoga, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

I’ve seen this happen more times than I’d like to count. I’ve had many aspiring Yogi’s seek out my help to heal injuries from stretching too far in a Bikram Hot Yoga class, or trying to get the perfect wheel pose.

While I’m not a Yoga teacher, it’s allowed me to observe modern day Yoga practice from a neutral perspective, without all the dogma’s that can often be associated.

Through my observations I’ve realised a few important factors that can be causing your muscles to feel tight, even though you do Yoga.

And 9 times out of 10, Yoga isn’t necessarily the problem. It’s often the way you’re relating with yourself, during the practice of Yoga.

If you’d like to develop a better relationship with your body and your Yoga, I’ve created a 3 part video series just for you.

In this video series you'll learn 3 reasons why your muscles feel tight, even though you do Yoga.

Watch part 1 of 3 below, and if you’d like to go deeper, keep scrolling to watch parts 2 and 3.

Check it out below.


Part 1 of 3

In this 5 minute video you'll discover:

  1. Why not everyone is experiencing the union and inner peace often promised by modern Yoga.
  2. The #1 thing pulling your body out of alignment and compromising your Yoga postures.
  3. What needs to change beneath the surface of your body for deeper postures to become possible.

If you enjoyed the video above, you’ll love the next 2 videos in this 3 part series.



Part 2 of 3

In this 4 minute video you’ll discover:

  1. How to ensure you progress your Yoga poses at the right rate to prevent injury & tension build up, and allow your body to relax and rejuvenate more deeply.
  2. The role of your nervous system in progressing, or blocking your Yoga practice.
  3. A missing posture from most modern Yoga practices, that builds a deep foundation for relaxation in your asanas.



Part 3 of 3

In this 5 minute video you’ll discover:

  1. Why striving for Yoga poses almost guarantees failure in your Yoga practice.
  2. How to ensure you honor the deeper intent of Yoga in your practice – Unity of the body, mind & breath.
  3. One critical factor that you must have awareness of to ensure ease and joy is cultivated in your Yoga practice.



Like what you learned in the videos above and want to dive deeper?

Get our 5 building block approach with principles and practices to improve your mind-body connection, and grow your physical freedom both on and off the Yoga mat, in our Physical Freedom Challenge.

Learn more about the Physical Freedom Challenge here.



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