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Legs Like Roots Guided Practice: Meditative Movement Meetup

Your body is a lot like the structure of a tree

  • Your arms are like the branches,
  • Your spine is like the trunk,
  • And your lower body is like the roots.

"Without strong and connected roots, the trunk and branches of the tree will have trouble withstanding even the slightest of winds."

On the other hand; when the roots run deep, and are strong and connected, the tree can better receive the nutrients it needs and stand tall with confidence.

Your lower body can be strong, mobile, flexible, deeply connected to the rest of your body, and support you to move through life with greater ease and confidence ... if you train it to be that way.


Build a stronger, more flexible and mobile lower body

From my experiences, this quality of lower body movement isn't built in your average mainstream fitness class, or with typical stretching exercises.

We need to dive beyond the surface to explore the depths of our mind & body, and excavate all that blocks our lower body from moving with freedom.


That's where Meditative Movement practice can help

When we combine meditation and movement, we see how our bodies are a reflection of our accumulated habits & state of being over our lifetime.

Through Meditative Movement we get an opportunity to forge self compassion as we explore our bodies and embrace the freedom we have.

And from this place of appreciation, we can gently lean into challenge and allow space in our bodies to emerge.

With this intent we focus on the movement of your lower body in the following guided practice, featured in one of our Meditative Movement Meetups.


Explore this Legs Like Roots Guided Practice

In the video below from one of our Meditative Movement Meetup's you'll get a 50 min guided practice that can support you to build more confidence and ease when you move your lower body.

Here's what we'll explore in the video ahead:

  • [00:00 - 03:47] - Introduction
  • [03:47 - 11:57] - Practice 1: Lower Centre Meditation
  • [11:57 - 18:53] - Practice 2: Expand Perception of Your Lower Body
  • [18:53 - 27:41] - Practice 3: Standing Stillness Practice
  • [27:41 - 37:54] - Practice 4: Infinity Hips
  • [37:54 - 46:23] - Practice 5: Cross Stance Exploration
  • [46:23 - 47:41] - Warm down & integration
  • [47:41 - 50:03] - Conclusion

Take some time for your self care and practice along with us to give that amazing lower body of yours some love. Enjoy!

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Join us for 14-days of lower body appreciation on Instagram 

We're celebrating the wonder of having a lower body and getting the community involved. Here's how to join us.

  1. Explore the Legs Like Roots guided practice in the video above
  2. Post a video of you practicing your lower body movement and tag @movement_monk on your Instagram with #legslikeroots
  3. Share your experiences and inspire others to appreciate their lower body



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Take your lower body movement to the next level

If you're looking to get more detailed videos and personalised guidance to create stronger, more mobile legs (and whole body), the first step we recommend is to join our Physical Freedom Challenge.

The Physical Freedom Challenge introduces you to the 5 building blocks of our meditative movement approach, and shows you how to deepen your mind-body connection and grow your physical freedom from the ground, up.

On days 10 & 11 you'll get a practice to upgrade the strength and mobility of your lower body, to build more easeful movement for any activity.

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