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Kompan Yoga: How to Enlighten Your Yoga Practice (Funny)

yoga Jul 17, 2016

I went deep into the Himalayan mountains and was struck in the third eye chakra by a bolt of lightning ...

I received a vision of the best way to elevate your Yoga practice to new heights, that virtually guarantees enlightenment and thousands of Instagram followers.

Learn how to do Kompan Yoga, and have a laugh with me in this video.

Thanks for sharing this around, so the world can be enlightened with the Kompan Yoga practice.


The More Serious Side to the Video

It's my intent to bring some laughs and entertainment in the video above to a serious topic.

It's very common in mainstream fitness to be bombarded by fads that place a heavy importance on certain equipment, or modalities of exercise to give us the 'magic' thing our bodies need.

But what it can actually create is disconnection between you and your ability to perceive what's happening inside your body.


The Cost of Physical Disconnection

The more you focus on what's happening on the outside of your body, the more you can lose touch with what's actually happening inside your body.

This can lead to:

  • Injuries
  • Stress build up
  • Health challenges

I did this for years, focusing exclusively on how much weight I could lift, how my body looked in Yoga pants, and how many chin ups I could do.

But amidst all the striving and trying so hard to achieve my fitness goals, I never really felt content with myself.

Beyond the muscles, weights, extravagant Yoga poses and fancy movements, I've learned most people simply would like to experience:

  • Less discomfort
  • More joy within their body
  • And the feeling that they're growing a little each day.


Deep Physical Joy

In my experiences, the more awareness, presence and kinaesthetic feeling you cultivate inside your body, the more you can shift your restrictions and cultivate the physical experience that's truly important to you.

Perhaps you'd like to simply experience deeper happiness, joy and confidence when you move your body.

  • You don't need a Yoga mat
  • You don't need fancy equipment
  • You don't even need a gym

You simply need a daily practice that helps you cultivate a deep mind-body connection, that supports you to grow your physical freedom.


Grow Your Physical Freedom

Inside our Physical Freedom Challenge online course, we’ve got a lot more for you to improve the experience of your body.

We designed this program to help Yogi's, martial artists and movement enthusiasts assess their mind-body connection, and identify their highest area(s) of need to focus on. This will help to determine the right next step for you.

If this resonates with you, it's time to take the next step!

Click here to join the Physical Freedom Challenge and let's begin the journey.


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