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How Intracellular Hydration Helps You Move Better

At Movement Monk, we use movement as a portal to deeper self connection. We share practices to support the body to age more gracefully and create harmony within the body & mind.  

On this Live we had Zhara, founder of Lifefx Living Water talking to us about intracellular hydration, primordial minerals and why we might not be as hydrated as we think.

It has been commonly understood that our bodies are approximately 70% volumetrically water… however leading edge science is showing evidence that over 99% of our body’s molecules are water molecules.  

99% of our foundational molecular make up is water... 

... and the quality of water we are drinking reflects the quality of our foundation.

This means that all of our other self-care practices, including physical, nutritional, mental, emotional & spiritual practices, are built upon this foundation of water. 

So ... What water is best for hydration?

Topics discussed include:

  • Different filtration options and why they may not be optimal for hydration
  • Water intake and if you are drinking dead water
  • Intracellular hydration - what is it and why we should care about it
  • How adequate hydration leads to toxic waste removal and increased energy
  • Why minerals are important in transforming water into Living Water
  • Using natures minerals to bring us back to our innate wisdom
  • ... and Benny shares his experience in using LifeFX Living Water Droplets and how it increased hydration, supported in clearing his eye irritation & improved the fluidity of his fascia. 


Learn More About LifeFX Living Water:

"LifeFX Living Water Droplets contain nature's wisdom. Hydration has to do with a lot more than how much water you drink. Here's how to hydrate at the cellular level for better performance. Ionic, crystalline minerals restores your current drinking water’s life force transforming it to Living Water. LifeFX Living Water Droplets are infused with primordial energy and sound frequencies that equate to the English words Unity and Love."



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