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How to Overcome Failure in Your Journey to Physical Freedom

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2015

A quick post for today, all about how to overcome failure, and why it can actually be your key to success with your body, mind and life.

I’ve failed so many times, I dare not count.

I failed the first time I tried to handstand.

I’ve failed in business.

I’ve failed in relationships.

Think of all the times you have failed in life.


But does failing actually make us failures?

Think for a moment of all the great achievers through history in physical performance, business, humanitarianism, or any other area.

  • Mahatma Gandhi,
  • Richard Branson,
  • Nelson Mandela,
  • Muhammad Ali,
  • Bruce Lee … the list just keeps going.

They all shared one common trait in the rise to live in their greatness.

They were prepared to fail to get there.

And they did; many small failures as they paved their way.

They just failed in a way that didn’t kill them; that allowed them to get back up, dust themselves off, and keep stepping.


Knock the hurdle over

So today, from one person who’s failed to another, I give you permission to keep failing, and to become increasingly okay with it.

If there’s a hurdle in front of you:

  • Perhaps it’s being able to move better
  • Losing that weight you’re carrying
  • Telling that special someone you love them

You don’t need to perfectly jump over the hurdle. It’s okay if you knock it over too; you’ll do it better next time.


Fail, learn and grow

It is through failure that we learn, and grow.

So if we’re able to learn something each time we fail, is this really failing?

If you can discover something new about yourself and gain some wisdom, I see this as success!


The underlying truth about success

All you need to do to succeed in your journey towards mind+body freedom, is to keep taking steps.

It’s better to step and fail, than to not step at all (that’s the big no, no).

Practice being okay with failure. Learn each time and keep stepping.

It works a lot better than giving up on yourself. You’re better than that, aren’t you?


Benny Fergusson


Not succeeding in your journey to move with more freedom?

I failed a lot in my journey ... this is where my success came from.

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