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How to Overcome Chronic Back Aches & Pain #AskMovementMonk

Do you experience back pain, and it hangs around like a bad smell in the background as you move through life?

Perhaps you've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, or medication to get relief for chronic back pain?

If you're interested in making a change and doing what needs to be done to love the feeling of your back (and your entire body), we've got some good stuff for you in this post.


In this #AskMovementMonk episode you'll get insights into:
  1. Common mistakes that can keep you in back pain. And how to respond to back pain better in the moment (and no it's not about resting).

  2. How to move beyond worry and fear, and feel confident & empowered in the experience of back pain, so you can break through to greater ease.

  3. Mental tactics to get your mind & body working together so you can know what your body is trying to tell you through the experience of pain.

Get further insights in the video below now.


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