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Meet Jade De Valle (Freed herself from emotional trauma & fibromyalgia pain)

Meet Jade De Valle — she used to have strong fears of being in her body, and was experiencing emotional tension and fibromyalgia symptoms (widespread chronic pain).

She knew how to perform exercises and challenge her physicality. It was her happy place where everything she was experiencing emotionally would disappear.

But what she didn't realise is that she was actually using exercise and physical activity as a way to run away from her emotional pain.

And that by avoiding her emotions, they were forced to be expressed in another way - through physical pain (fibromyalgia).

When Jade first got in contact with me, it was after falling off a horse - an event that forced her to stop running. So she literally couldn't run away any more.

She had already been experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms for a few years at this point.

Jade knew something needed to change if she wanted to feel confident in her body and at peace with her emotions, so she decided to learn from someone who has walked a similar path before her.

Let's break down Jade's physical freedom transformation ...


  • Emotional tension and chronic pain were reducing her quality of life.
  • She didn't understand that she could use physical activity to confront and feel the emotional pain and grief that was being expressed as physical pain.
  • She lacked the knowledge and confidence to work with her mind-body challenges, so she could identify & heal them at the root cause.


Join Physical Freedom Challenge (my 14-day mind-body connection program that shows you how to get to know your body better, so you can grow your physical freedom — not pain & restriction).

Did it work? Yes.

  1. With our 5 building blocks to physical freedom (featured in the Physical Freedom Challenge) she improved her body awareness and uncovered blind spots that were holding her body back, so she knew what to focus on to grow her physical freedom.
  2. She then applied these insights, went through the Break Through Your Pain process and developed a greater connection & confidence with her body, which helped her heal emotional pain, grief, and fibromyalgia pain.
  3. Along the way, Jade also found a deeper acceptance for who she is in the world, and is now more confident as a personal trainer and when she surfs.

Here's a video from Jade talking about her pain breakthrough. 


Want results like these for yourself?

If you do, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won't happen overnight, but I've seen it happen so many times that I can tell you it’s possible to feel better than you might currently think.

To get you great results we’ll need to work as a cohesive team ... we’ll provide the guidance and ongoing support and you bring self commitment, the willingness to take action, and an open mind.

If this resonates with you, it's time to take the next step!

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