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Observe, Don't Fix: Healing Your Body From Chronic Pain and Tension

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2017

You take your car to get fixed when it’s broken; you call a plumber to fix your pipes when they’re blocked …

But when it comes to fixing chronic pain and tension, things aren’t always so simple. In fact, trying to fix yourself may be a major block between you and allowing your body to heal.

If you’re anything like I was, here’s a question you may be asking yourself right now …

How do I heal my chronic pain / tightness / injury in  “insert any area of the body here?”

In this post I’m going to share with you a process that supported me and my students to deeply heal pain and tension that had been hanging around for years.

Here’s where my journey began …


Physical Exercise or Physical Punishment?

Over the years I punished my body quite a lot …

I pushed it hard with workouts so intense they should have been outlawed by the Human Rights Convention. This caused many areas of tightness and muscular tension to build up in my body.

[Here’s me back in those days. I was getting stronger ... but I was also losing a lot in the process]

I carried this tension into playing sports, and daily activities like walking and picking up objects. As a result, I injured myself more times than I’d like to count, sometimes doing the smallest of things like brushing my teeth or putting on my shoes.

I couldn’t believe it! How could I deadlift over double what I weighed, yet struggle putting my clothes on, or taking them off?

I may have looked fit, but I often felt like Sunday morning after a big Saturday night.


My Dead End Journey to Heal My Body

I decided one day that life’s too short to feel this way, and I shifted my training focus from stronger, better, faster … to feeling more alive and youthful in my body again.

So I went to endless physical therapists, who all tried to fix me with massage and re-aligning my skeleton. I even tried to re-align my chakras!

But I hit a dead end, where no one could help me with my physical challenges and chronic pain, until I was willing to help myself first.

On my healing journey, I learned …

Healing your body of chronic pain and injuries isn’t about trying to fix yourself. It’s about getting out of your own way and allowing your body’s natural healing process to happen.

Here’s an example of how I got in my own way and limited my ability to heal my body, and become free of chronic pain and tension.

Are you like I was?


1. Judge and Label
  • You judge and label your pain / injury as a bad thing that you have to get rid of.
2. Narrow Focus
  • In an endeavour to fix the bad thing, you focus on that area and try to massage, stretch, strengthen, etc, to relieve the discomfort.
  • You may get some pain relief, but the physical challenge keeps reoccurring. Some days it’s less, some days it’s more.
  • You try again a few times with different short term fixes, but long term relief doesn’t happen.
3. Get Frustrated
  • You get frustrated, and the challenge often gets worse.
4. Give Up
  • You give up and accept that maybe you’ll always have to live with x, y, z discomfort.


So why doesn’t this process work to heal your body from chronic pain and injuries?

Let’s review 3 major reasons.

1. The judgement and assumption that what you’re experiencing is bad

When you label or judge something as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it can limit your ability to observe the situation from a wider perspective and respond to what’s happening with an open mind.

We only really know what’s good, or bad, based on how we’ve experienced similar moments in the past. But how do you know that this is the exact same moment?

When your mind is focused on similar past events, this can block your ability to be present and listen to the signals your body is giving you in this moment.

This can also cause you to react to your past feelings, instead of responding with what’s needed to support the healing of your injuries.


2. Trying to fix the problem quickly, with an aggressive intervention approach

The body can take time to heal from an injury or trauma, and often simply needs to be allowed to heal, with gentle assistance.

Like a flower blossoming, healing cannot be forced.

This is why attacking said challenge with a foam roller, or pushing it into a deep stretch generally doesn’t support your natural healing process.


3. Giving up and lowering your physical standards

I get it, injuries and physical challenges can be disempowering and tough for the mind. So it often becomes easier to lower your physical standards and just walk with a limp, or not move in that way that gives you pain.

It’s very difficult to heal when you lose faith in your ability to heal. It’s like the saying, ‘What we believe, we receive.’

Would you like to break this cycle and get to the bottom of what's causing your physical challenge?

I learned that if I truly wanted to heal my injuries and become free of annoying muscular tension, I needed to shift my intention away from trying to fix myself, as it was based on the assumption that I was broken.


I Dusted Myself Off, And My Healing Journey Continued

I identified what was limiting me and set my sails to explore my mind and body more deeply, and get to the root cause of my physical restrictions.

Over time I’ve learned how to heal myself deeply, and become free of the intense daily back pain I suffered from.

It’s been a truly transformative and freeing process that has improved the way I live at every conceivable level.

Below you’ll get a general example of the process I’ve used countless times to heal even the most complex of physical challenges.

Before you read this, know that it’s not a quick fix for the feint of heart. If you’re not willing to put in the work with this process, it won’t work for you.

However, if you’re ready to commit a little faith and trust to a proven process that has not just worked for me, but also hundreds of my students, then keep reading …


5 Steps to Support Your Body's Healing Process

Here’s a general guide to work with your body better, to support it’s natural healing process from chronic injuries and pain in x, y, z area:


1. Observe the Situation

You observe your body and the situation you’re in (without judgement or labelling anything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’) as deeply as you can, to understand it’s true nature. This helps you respond more accurately to your body’s needs.

Standing Meditation is a powerful ancient practice to help you more accurately observe and release the muscular tension that can be causing your pain.

Learn more about Standing Meditation here >


2. Centre Yourself

You relax yourself and come to a place of centring in body and mind.

This awakens your parasympathetic nervous system (feeling and healing / rest and digest system) and allows your body to shift into a state of healing.

Through this process, focus on centring your joints as best as you can, so muscular tension that can be contributing to your pain, can more easily release.

Tip: Slowing down each movement in your practice will help you stay centred and relaxed, and enable you to better observe what’s truly going on.


3. Circulate Fluids

You place a gentle intention to heal said area(s) and perform practices that encourage circulation of blood around the whole body. This allows the body to deliver nutrients to where it is needed.

Coupled with your intention; breathing exercises are a foundational practice to improve your circulation.

Get better circulation with theses breathing exercises >


4. Respond, Refine and Adapt

You continue to gain insights and feel into the nature of the injury / pain, through steps 1-3, and continue to take gradual steps in your practice while making small, ongoing refinements.

You notice things in your body continuing to change and you continue to observe without judgement.

In time as you continue to practice, you may notice the injury, or chronic pain reducing.


5. Kung Fu Commitment

You let go of trying to be pain free and fall in love with exploring your body and the process of healing.

You keep applying your kung fu (time / work / energy), and realise that as long as you’re breathing, your body has an opportunity to heal.



So how does this process work?

Let’s review 3 major reasons.

1. Observation and openness to new experiences

Science has shown countless times that atoms and cells behave differently when they are being observed.

Through this simple practice, your body changes and responds and can show you things you never could have realised had you had an assumption based on past experiences.

Observation allows the space for healing to occur more naturally.


2. Patience and willingness to allow the body to heal itself naturally

Acceptance that healing may take time, (sometimes a long time if the nature of the physical challenge has accumulated over many years), allows you to be in a more relaxed state through the process.

The more relaxed you can be, the better your body functions.


3. Believing in yourself and knowing that every moment is an opportunity to improve and grow

Self belief is one of the most powerful human qualities I’ve observed.

We can do amazing things when we keep stepping with a clear mind and a full heart, focused on our deepest truth and intentions.


Upgrade your Self Healing Abilities

Healing the body is no magic trick, in my experience. It’s a result of the consistent application of foundational principles, such as those I’ve shared above.

The first step in becoming free of chronic pain is knowing your body can heal.

The next step is learning a series of gentle practices that speed up your body’s natural healing process.

That’s what the Break Through Your Pain program is all about.

Break Through Your Pain takes the complexity out of healing your body, and gives you principles and practices that have been proven effective at healing a wide range of physical challenges and chronic pain.


Liberate Your Body From Restrictive Pains and Tension

Do you want to move your body fluidly without being held back by pain and tension?

 If you do, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won't happen overnight, but I've seen it happen so many times that I can tell you it’s possible to heal your physical challenges and live with more joy.

To get you great results we’ll need to work as a cohesive team. We’ll provide the guidance and ongoing support and you bring self commitment, the willingness to take action, and an open mind.

If this resonates with you, it's time to take the next step!

Get your free demo of the Break Through Your Pain program and see how it works.


P.s. Here’s a quick recap of the self healing process we shared above:


1. Observe the pain without judging it as good, or bad

2. Centre your body and still your mind

3. Circulate fluids around your body to speed the healing process

4. Respond, refine and adapt your physical healing practices

5. Apply Kung Fu commitment to your healing practice


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