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A Life Beyond Scoliosis: How I Healed Scoliosis and Back Pain Naturally


We get asked a lot of questions here at Movement Monk about how to heal scoliosis naturally ... Is it even possible or is Benny just an exception to the rule?

Today's video is to show you that it is possible, however we can not give you just one clear path to healing scoliosis that will work for everyone.

Instead we can invite you on a journey into self-discovery, so you can tap into a richer experience of life and move with a sense of physical freedom...

… Even if you've been told that you can’t get better.


You are not broken. 

Scoliosis is a complex condition. From the back, it looks like a sideways curvature of the spine (sort of like an S or a C shape). The cause of scoliosis and the spinal rotation in each person is very different, so it takes a unique, multi-dimensional approach to get any lasting changes. 
For Benny Fergusson, (Movement Monk founder) he discovered on his journey to healing scoliosis that it was more than just physical imbalances that needed to be addressed to create a new way of being.
Consider how your thoughts, emotions and actions may be contributing to your posture and how you carry yourself in the world.
It is common for doctors and health care professionals to label scoliosis as incurable. Consider this for a moment — could these beliefs actually be preventing you from making any changes to your situation?
It is becoming more widely known that our subconscious beliefs create our future reality. So if your default programming is already coming from a place of limitations, then it is fair to say that this has power to determine your future. 


Where can you begin your mind-body healing journey?

You can start by expanding your beliefs around what is possible in your body. Let the old limiting thoughts come up but do your best to not attach to them.
  1. This can lead to expanded perception, allowing space for new ways of thinking
  2. This creates new neural pathways for different ways of being
  3. Expanding your perception around healing will, over time expand your physical capacity when combined with movement performed in a mindful manner
A lot of Benny's realisations and changes happened through the combination of movements and meditative practices. Which is the basis of what the Movement Monk Methodology is birthed from. 
If you're like Benny, and your body is out of alignment or you are experiencing chronic pain — I'd like you to know that there is hope.
"As long as you've got breath in your body, as long as you've got a fire in your belly and a beating heart and at an interest to a richer experience of life, then things can improve.” — Benny Fergusson


An exploration into self discovery

"Once I no longer needed to fix myself, I had space to just inquire what's happening with me today. 

I learned that it's not happening to me. I took myself out of the equation as a victim to my circumstances, and I started to realise that this is bigger than who I think I am, bigger than my identity. 

This whole process is a an exploration into self discovery... beyond my name... that's what I was interested in, to tap into that experience, a richer experience of life.

And that's why I think I have come such a long way, because I gave my life to myself.  I showed up for myself. I didn't give up. And even when it was tough, I kept going.


A Life Beyond Scoliosis: How I Healed My Scoliosis and Back Pain Naturally

Above is a video of Benny's honest recollection of his journey going through scoliosis.
"I just thought part of me was going to have to manage scoliosis, manage the back pain, manage all the stuff that went with it, and there's a tenacious part of me that stood up and said, no, whether I get better, whether I get worse, it doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to do my best to get to the bottom of what's going on within me."
In the video he shares how he took the handbrake off his resistance to healing and just let it happen.  
He discusses how:
  • Habitual holding patterns that caused muscular imbalances
  • Living out of alignment with his heart, mind and soul was manifesting as physical imbalances
  • Suppressing emotions and blocking energy flow caused more constriction than expansion
  • Limiting beliefs that he was broken and needed to be fixed, kept him in a ‘diagnosis box'
  • He overcame self-doubt and limiting beliefs that he could not heal
  • Changing his relationship with pain opened up space to create different experiences
  • … and more!

Would you like to get lasting relief from back pain?

Know that you are not broken. Movement Monk is here to create a community around this sort of stuff, to normalise the conversations around chronic pain and all of the weird and wonderful things that can happen within the body. 

Don't give up on your path, reach out if you need.

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