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Feeling: Is it a magical way to heal your chronic aches & pains?

Are there certain feelings in your body you don't like?

Do you have a tendency to over-react, avoid, block or numb yourself from fully feeling the many sensations and phenomena in your body in each passing moment?

Interested in getting to know yourself and body better, so you can live with less pain and more freedom?

 In this video you'll discover:

  1. Why and how we often block ourselves from feeling
  2. Why this isn't useful if we're truly looking to heal chronic physical & emotional pains
  3. Why feeling is one of your greatest ally's on your healing journey


Interested in getting more support on your journey to heal chronic aches & pains?

All of our mentors here at Movement Monk have overcome their own personal mind-body challenges, so we know how it feels to suffer, and what it takes to break through from physical challenges to physical freedom. And our students do too.

Click here to discover how Jade freed herself from emotional trauma & fibromyalgia pain.

With our 5 building blocks to physical freedom (featured in the Physical Freedom Challenge) Jade improved her body awareness and uncovered blind spots that were holding her body back, so she knew what to focus on to grow her physical confidence and freedom.

She then applied these insights, went through the Break Through Your Pain process and developed a greater connection & confidence with her body, which helped her heal emotional pain, grief, and fibromyalgia pain.

Get your free demo of the Break Through Your Pain program here and see how it works.



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