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Feeling is Healing: How to Drop Fear & Build Confidence in Your Body

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

Do you feel safe in your body, right now?

  1. Safe to express yourself.
  2. Safe to face your challenges.
  3. Safe to be vulnerable.

In this post, I’ll share my journey to restore a deep sense of safety and confidence to my body and mind, and how you can too.


How My Fears Became a Spinal Injury

When I was facing into the challenge of a spinal injury, I realised that deep inside I didn’t feel safe in my body and in the world.

Here's what my spine looked like ...

My spinal injury manifested over many years of unconscious, habitual actions …

After being physically assaulted as a teenager, I felt powerless to protect myself.

So I did a lot of martial arts, and built a set of armour for myself by doing lots of strength training and building my muscles.

I felt strong for a while, until all the armour I built made my body stiff and led to my spinal injury. My strength and fear of being vulnerable became my prison.

I had neglected the underlying issue. I did not feel safe within myself.


Discovering a Way to Feel Safe in the Presence of Fear

I decided it was time to face my fears, and no longer let them dominate my decisions and the way my body felt.

I began to explore this question as I moved my body:

How can I allow myself to feel safe in this moment, as I feel the fear?

Over time a deep level of safety and confidence within myself was cultivated.

It overflowed into many facets of my life, and I experienced:

  • Deepening relaxation and fluidity as I moved, as the fear of being hurt no longer ruled me.
  • Greater confidence to express myself, without fear of being judged.
  • Deeper levels of self acceptance and love, as I embraced my vulnerability as a man and discovered the strength that resides in this.

I share more about how to build safety in your body, through mind-body practice, in the video below.


How Can Feeling Unsafe Manifest Itself in Our Lives?

When we feel unsafe, we often contract in body and mind.

On the outside, this can look like avoiding speaking your truth for fear of offending someone, not dancing for fear of being judged, or not doing a particular activity, like playing with your kids, because you might hurt yourself.

Internally, this can feel like tension, aches or pains. If these experiences aren’t released or healed at the root, they often become habitual and build up, leading to a reduced ability to move freely and with confidence.

What I’ve found most supportive to effectively release and heal these restrictive feelings and improve your sense of safety, is having an explorative mind+body practice that allows for the development of a healthy balance of qualities like:

  • Open heartedness – so you can feel safe to express yourself.
  • Relaxed strength – so you can feel strong without tension building up.
  • Stable mobility – so you can move freely without the fear of pain or injury.


How to Build A Simple Daily Practice So You Can Feel Safer in Your Body.

To feel safer in your body, you need to be willing to connect with it regularly. You need to be willing to come face to face with your fears, and learn how to make peace with them.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and commitment.

A great place to begin is in our Physical Freedom Challenge.

Inside, you’ll discover principles and practices that awaken, restore and free your body. These are the foundations that took me from a painful broken back, fearing each and every move, to loving the way my body feels. And I’ve now shared them with hundreds of people all around the world.

As you go through the challenge and perform each of the practices, explore this question:

“How can I allow myself to feel safe in this moment, even when I experience physical / mental / emotional sensations that currently feel scary / challenging?”

At the end of the challenge, you’ll feel more confident to work with your challenges and improve your sense of safety.

Here's where you can learn more about it.

I look forward to sharing it with you. See you on the inside.

- Benny


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