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Are Common Exercise Cues & Dogmas Limiting Your Physical Freedom?


Have you ever been told to perform an exercise like this:

“Feet parallel, push your hips back, pull your chest tall, stiffen your upper back, tuck your chin in, grit your teeth, drive your hips forward and lift!”


  1. How common exercise techniques, dogmas and limited perceptions about how to use your body can limit your physical freedom.
  2. A video conversation with Break Through Your Pain student Maia where we dive deeper into this topic, and we discuss our experiences and perspectives on why mainstream approaches often don't work.
  3. Why you’re not broken and this isn’t about fixing you.

Let's get into it ...


There’s certainly no shortage of exercise cues out there claiming “this is the right way to move” and “that is the wrong way.”

There’s nothing wrong with cues per se; they can be very useful.

However, in our experience it’s when they become rigid definitions of right and wrong, good and bad, that they can really hold us back from a deeper experience of self expression & physical freedom that’s available.

It's because they often make the technique (external) more important than feeling and honouring what's going on inside your body (internal). 

And if we ignore what's going on inside our body and the signals it's giving us for long enough, this can lead to pain, injury, or limiting results.

I've had too many people come to see me after the technique they were told was going to help, actually harmed them.

Physical freedom to us is not about having a rigid definition of the right or wrong way to use your body; it's about finding your unique ways of moving in alignment with your needs from moment to moment.

Watch the video below now to gain some valuable insights about how common exercise dogmas can hold you back (and how to break free of them), so you can move toward greater physical confidence & freedom.


Interested in cultivating a deeper experience of physical freedom?

The first step we recommend is to assess your mind-body connection and get clear on your highest areas of need to focus on.

You can do this with our Physical Freedom Challenge.

You'll get our 5 building block approach with principles and practices to improve your mind-body connection and grow your physical freedom from the ground, up.

Click here to learn more and find out how to join.



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