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4 Steps to Stop Stiffness & Become Flexible at Work

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2015

You know the feeling …

You sit down in the morning to begin your day at work, and by noon, you’re still in the same place.

Over the hours that have passed your body has slowly become more hunched forward, trying to find some comfort in the un-natural position of sitting behind your desk.

You know it’s not right for your body, but that deadline is of critical importance; your income is on the line, so you persevere.

Fast forward a year, two years, or twenty, and you’ve been doing this desk thing for a while.

It’s like a vice has been turning tighter on your body, until one day you realised you don’t have that spring in your step that you remember.

All of a sudden you can’t do what you choose, because your body won’t let you…

Have you seen this scenario in others, or is this familiar to you?

Your friendly office chair may be comfortable, but in the long term it can be doing you damage!


In this 5-minute video, you’ll learn 4 steps to become flexible, even if your job requires you to sit.

It’s in HD, so you might like to click play, then pause and wait for a minute to let it load. This will give you the smoothest viewing.


How to Accelerate Your Flexibility Progress

From the video above, you’ve now got some strategies geared towards better well-being and flexibility, so you can offset the effects of sitting for prolonged periods.

As a result, you’ll be moving around more during your work day, and your body will love you for it.

But, how do you reverse physical tightness and accelerate the process of regaining the flexibility you might have lost over the years?

There’s plenty of information available online, but after over 11 years of research and practice, I’ve realised a lot of flexibility training information is confusing and misleading.

Most people I talk to, who experience tightness somewhere in their body, want to learn how to get flexible fast, so they can experience more ease in their body, each day.

Well, slow down partner.

Let’s not go too fast, or you may get yourself into a pickle.

You can significantly accelerate your progress though.

That’s why I created the Embodied Flexibility course (included in Physical Freedom Academy) - so you don't have to make all the mistakes I did.

However, before you go diving deep into flexibility practices, the first step I recommend is to assess where your body's currently at, the strength of your mind-body connection, and to identify your highest area(s) of need to focus on for greater flexibility and physical freedom.

You can do that in the Physical Freedom Challenge - Click Here to Learn More.


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