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We believe in your potential to grow and with thousands of students spanning over 70 countries we know our courses create meaningful mind-body transformations.

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Inclusive mind-body education courses for all ages & abilities

Our proven, step-by-step mind-body education courses are being practiced by sports people, coaches, martial artists, surfers, rock climbers, people rehabilitating, Mums, Dads, Crossfitters, meditators. They're inclusive for all ages & abilities. All you need is a can do attitude, and we'll help you experience the freedom you're after.

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Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Build a more nurturing relationship with your body and uncover the source of physical challenges.

Chronic Pain & Tension Relief

Learn how to work with pain & physical challenges to support lasting relief.

Cultivate Movement Ease

Build appreciation & relaxation in basic movements for more ease in daily life.

Upgrade Movement Capacity

Improve your strength, flexibility & stability for better performance in the activities you love.

Balance Personal Growth & Physical Performance

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Each of our courses is meticulously infused with intention to grow your physical freedom in alignment with your needs. See how they compare with this handy chart.

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