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No pain, no gain fitness works for about 1% of 'genetically gifted' bodies. For the rest of us... we found a more holistic, sustainable and meaningful way to improve your fitness & heal your body. Learn more below.
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If you have a body that feels tired, stiff and sore ... we can help you feel strong and flexible with life-force surging through your veins.

You may have tried many different exercises, or physical therapies to fix your body (with little success).

Want to know why it rarely works?

The solution isn't in the next 'magical' exercise, or therapy.

Everything your body needs to feel confident to take on any challenge is already within you.

Movement Monk exists to reconnect you with that.

Here's how it works

Movement Monk provides you with the essentials you need to build physical freedom and love the body you live in. No gym membership, or fancy Yoga pants required — we provide an environment and building blocks so you can build and play.

Proven Process

It can be confusing to start / grow your physical freedom, so we provide a clear process. Like completing a puzzle you identify the pieces you need to free yourself from mind-body blockages.

Perception Upgrades

Limited perceptions can lead to mind-body blockages. We decode the signals of the body to discover who you are, your habits & behavior patterns. Clearer perception = more freedom.

Growth Focused Community

It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join a community of mind-body growth lovers - collaborate, get help, practice together, make friends and have fun.

Personal Support + Mentorship

Great training isn't complete without personal support for your questions. Get 24/7 access to our Meditative Movement coaches in our community group + weekly live Q&A calls.

What members are saying

Hundreds of people around the world are practicing Movement Monk Methods to break through their pain, expand their mind-body knowledge, grow their physical freedom and upgrade their quality of life.

From daily back pain to a new free moving body

Mark started when he had ongoing pain in his elbow, shoulder and spinal joints. He got lasting relief of these pains and they stopped coming back.


Turned emotional trauma into confidence

Jade started when she had past traumas & fears of feeling her body. She healed her emotional challenges and is now more confident when she surfs.


Ongoing stress build up became inner harmony

Markus started when he was overloaded with stress, low energy & physical aches. He discovered how to get his mind & body in harmony, so stress no longer builds up.


We're not your typical health & fitness approach, and you won't see cheesy before and after body images here. We exist for the stories of mind-body transformation that our members tell.

Let's get introduced

Since you’re reading this, it's likely that you’re interested in getting to know yourself & body better — and to feel more freedom when you move. Great news, that’s what we're all about!


Movement Monk makes online mind-body education programs for people who are looking for exercise that goes a bit deeper than mainstream fitness — without getting lost in philosophy & spiritual dogmas.

We share practices that build a deep mind-body connection, which leads to more inner peace and freedom of movement in any activity, and life in general.

We work with:
  1. Chronic / recurring aches and pains sufferers — interested in unblocking their mind & body and feeling free. We're highly successful with complex challenges other physical therapy modalities can't touch. 
  2. Growth lovers and movement enthusiasts — interested in experiencing profound levels of physical freedom and personal growth. If you've tried other exercise modalities and want something that builds less reliance and more empowerment, you're in the right place.
  3. Movement coaches / teachers / therapists and trainers — interested in providing next level support to their clients. If you're looking for an approach that builds less client dependence and more empowerment, which leads to more lasting results — we've got you covered.

We exist to bridge the gap between the extremes of physical therapy, fitness & spirituality.

Most health & fitness approaches either focus too intensely on the physical (leading to burnout), or get lost in the philosophical (losing touch with physical reality).

Movement Monk sits right in the middle. We honor that your body is important (but it's not all you are). It's also connected to an intangible element ... your mind (a.k.a your spirit), that makes you — YOU. Both need equal nourishment to experience freedom & fulfilment.

Most exercise approaches focus on fitting you into a system, which makes you think there's a right and wrong way to move your body.

Movement Monk focuses on fitting our approach to your unique needs. We exist to help you find freedom through discovering how your unique body & mind works.

  1. Proven processes: We rigorously test our practices and principles with people in the real world, so we know they work. And we continue to adapt and evolve, to give you the best methods we can to grow your physical freedom. All you need to do is be willing to improve & grow.
  2. Personalised Meditative Movement practices: Most fitness approaches fail to guide you how to find what your unique body needs, instead they limit your freedom with rigid ways of exercising. That's why we developed our 5 Physical Freedom Building Blocks. All you need to do is identify what blocks you need most, so you can have a completely tailored exercise approach for your unique goals.
  3. Growth focused community environment: Our environment can make or break our progress towards greater freedom, so we formed a group of supportive, growth-minded people. Our community lifts you up — not cuts you down, which commonly happens in general society.
  4. Expert mentorship and support: All of our mentors have overcome their own personal mind-body challenges, so we know how it feels to suffer and what it takes to breakthrough from physical challenges to physical freedom.

The combination of these four foundations make it possible to grow your physical freedom beyond what most people think is possible. Our students progress in ways that are rarely seen in mainstream fitness & physical therapy.

It's not just about getting rid of aches & pains, building strength & flexibility or looking good. It's about discovering the latent potential of your body and who you really are in the process.

The result ... More confidence, freedom & fulfilment for anything you choose to do in life.

Learn About Our Training Programs

Learn the way you like. Get support anytime you need.

Learn anytime, anywhere, with multiple training formats. Movement Monk courses are an interactive experience delivered online, in-person, with live and pre-recorded material and a supportive community.

Easy to use online-learning platform

There's so much conflicting information on exercise & movement on the internet - it can get confusing.

Take the guesswork out of mind-body transformation with our step-by-step online courses. Watch training videos, listen to mp3 recordings, download worksheets, or read written activities. Access the training online from any device, anywhere, anytime you like.

Together we rise

Grow more than you could by yourself with the support of a global community of synergistic people with different backgrounds, ages and professions — yet we're all on a similar wavelength.

Mind-body transformation and personal growth is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get where you're coming from. Get inspired, ask questions, connect, make friends, rise together and have fun!

Expert mentorship and personal support

Get personalized mentorship from experienced practitioners who haven't just learned from books. They've experienced their own mind-body challenges — and overcome them.

Get access to mentors who can troubleshoot your challenges with you and provide direction. Our courses include weekly live Q&A calls and chat, and round the clock support.

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